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We create music solutions for anyone who lives by 8 counts

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It’s more than a DJ mix.

It’s a handcrafted soundtrack to your dance routine.

A series of posts where we can all look at the emotional side of music and dance...and where you can tell us: Why do you dance?
We're celebrating everything that dance teams do with their summer!
High-fives to our awesome IDTA teams!
Summer reading: how dance is done in Minnesota!
Up your 8CA music experience with choreography that's got amazing musicality!


8 Count Audio creates, edits, and remixes performance music for cheer, pom, and dance teams.


seasons helping dance and cheer coaches with music solutions for their choreography

Whether you need a simple edit of one song or a dynamic mix of multiple songs, our music provides your athletes with musicality.

This gives you the opportunity to build effective choreography into your routines! 

We Are

We work for all teams: suburban, city, rural, and all those in-between types of places, too! We understand the challenges and traditions that different teams face, and the unique conditions of each sanctioning body and judging system.

Most importantly, we know the differences between cheer and dance–the traditions, preferences, skills, and performance values. We understand the different ways that judges assign points in the dance world versus the cheer world.

We Have

Hoisting a trophy at the end of the season is everyone’s goal, and we’re proud of the dozens of state titles our clients have won over the years. All of this experience gives us a core set of best practices–musical and choreographic principles that the highest-scoring routines have in common. No matter the dance style or competition division, you can trace our history in trophy cases across the state.

We Offer

We don’t approach things from a DJ’s point of view, but instead from a musical-dance standpoint. When we construct your mix or pick edit points, we’re thinking in terms of the songwriting and the actual production elements. That’s the technical side–the expertise that comes from years of music and broadcast production, along with lifelong musicianship.

Combine this with artistic instincts (knowing what sounds and looks good, and how music interacts with specific routines and performance elements) and you can be sure that your audio merges perfectly with your choreography.

Premium, boutique-quality mixes for your team.

Within your reach.

Designed for you.

We believe:

the best performances happen when the music and choreography influence each other in a smart, creative, unified way.

Does your routine call for several songs? We’ve got the know-how to make it sound like one continuous idea!

Routine still in the “ideas” stage?

Put our years of expertise to work in shaping themes, storylines, and pacing.

How do we make music and dance work so well together?