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SINCE 2001.






Mixes should create as many opportunities for musicality in a routine as possible.

Since your routine evolves throughout the season, so will our mixes.

Just like dancers, our music production focuses on both creativity and technique.



Every team is different…


There’s nothing “routine” about a dance routine. Maybe you’ve got a theme and choreography already set, but just need the right music mix to tie it all together. Or maybe you’re a team who’s got to have the music done before any choreography can happen. Some routines just need a song shortened with a nice ending. Other routines need full-out remixes and several songs to tell the choreographic story.


Then there’s you. Choreographing yourself, or are you hiring one? Senior leadership, or are your newbies calling the team’s shots for the first time ever? Always at state, or are you hoping to step up and qualify for state?


We’ve seen it all. We’ll work with your particular set of goals, personalities, music preferences, coaching style, and team history to create a mix that maximizes your potential on the dance floor!




What we can do for your team:





Editing Trimming your song to fit competition time limits might seem easy. But there are plenty of ways to get that 4-minute song down to 2:30…and some ways sound better than others! Our expertise in song structure and arrangement lets us creatively edit songs to fit your needs. We specialize in making songs sound smooth and compact–not chopped up and pasted back together! And we’re great at making sure that endings really sound like endings.


And with 8 Count Audio at the controls, you won’t have to worry about receiving that memo from your school administrators. In many cases, our editing skills allow us to quickly clean up inappropriate lyrics!

Theme and concept development:  Our music production skills were honed in broadcast studios instead of through DJing weddings and school dances. Part of this training included programming, or the selection and presentation of music based on audience research.


What does this mean for dancers? We’ll help you find songs that will fit your theme and achieves musicality. Our song expertise can ensure that your choreography really does tell a story that reaches the judges’ eyes and ears.

Combinations & remixing We’ve earned a reputation for crafting intricate mixes of songs that fit your theme. With us, you’ll get a mix of songs that sounds like one idea, and not a bunch of songs chained one after another! We aim for a sense of unity, the kind of cohesiveness that judges look for.


Putting a beat behind the whole mix may help, but we’ve all heard mixes where it does more harm than good. We take things further, using audio production techniques to give each sound its own space and giving the mix clarity and impact.

Music rules? We’ve got that covered, too.

A few sanctioning bodies make teams use cover songs. They might even let you use real versions of real songs, but you can only cut them in a certain way.

Most state high school associations don’t have these rules. If yours does, we’ve got ways of making sure your music still sounds as vibrant as possible!

Bought a cover but it sounds...iffy?

Covers are like $20 for a reason. You get to do whatever you want with it--chop it up, change tempos, make creative edits, just like you would with a normal song. We're awesome at rescuing uninspiring cover songs and helping them fit into your mix!

We've got a cover versions cookbook.

A few agencies online offer you the right to create your own version of a popular song--for about the price of a nice lunch. Team up with us to create the backing track and find the right singer. End result? A cover version that not only doesn't suck, but is customized to fit in YOUR routine!

Curious about the process and the pricing?

The 8CA Team
Summer Marketing & Outreach Coordinator Intern

Brittany Hayes

Brittany Hayes is a four year varsity dance team veteran of the Crystal Lake Central Dance Team, who has continued her studies at the University of Georgia double majoring in Sport Management and Sport Marketing. Within her 14 years of dance experience she’s trained in many genres including: tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, pom, modern, lyrical, and pointe. She was a part of the inaugural IHSA 2A Dance State winning team and continued to place top 10 at the IHSA State competitions throughout the rest of her high school career, and also helped to create a three year reign as Fox Division Champions of the Fox Valley Conference. Brittany’s also recognized as a two year Fox Valley All-Conference Athlete, a UDA All American Dancer, and a part of the Fox Valley Conference Academic Team for Athletic teams. While not only successful within her dance career, Brittany maintained a 3.9 GPA on a 4.0 scale and also graduated 6th in her class. Her passion for dance has yet to dwindle and she aspires to one day open her own dance studio and continue spreading the love for dance that she has built over her years.

Staff Writer

Molly Owens

Molly Owens led the Oak Forest Poms as a two-year captain and an all-conference dancer. After four years on varsity at Oak Forest, she focused her talents on a whirlwind season as part of the St Ambrose University competitive dance team. She's studied all styles of dance and of course became a pom specialist as part of the Oak Forest program. Molly greatly expanded her technical and stylistic range at St. Ambrose with the help of her teammates and coaches. Her team won the 2014-15 NAIA national championship along with an Iowa State Dance Team Championship in the NAIA division. Currently in her sophomore year of college, Molly is majoring in Marketing, Management, and Spanish--yes, all three--earning a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. Her love of dance continues and she was part of the SAU Dance Marathon in 2015.

Staff Writer

Mallory Peters

Mallory Peters competed as a member of Wauconda's JV Dance Team. Her dance background began with studio work at age 8 at Dancer's Pointe / P.S. Dance, where she studied jazz, lyrical, ballet, tap, and a little tumbling. She later served as a teacher and assistant and designed classes in pre-ballet, ballet, and tap for younger dancers. After graduating in 2013 Mallory continued her love of dance at Wisconsin-Whitewater, where she's currently majoring in Communications / Public Relations while also working toward a dance minor. Her 3 years with the UWW Dance Company has kept her busy with weekly workshops that cover a wide variety of dance styles. As her company's homecoming chair, she choreographed a routine that took 2nd place in a campus-wide variety show. Mallory also handles much of the visual content for the Dance Company's social media pages. She can usually be found in the bleachers at dance competitions cheering on her sister.

Staff Writer

Taylor Babcock

Taylor started her dance career at age 3 at her local park district, advancing to its competition team when she was 9. Always looking for a bigger challenge, she joined Xtreme Dance and competed on their jazz and hip hop competition teams for 3 years. Taylor made varsity as a freshman at Waubonsie Valley, dancing on the team for four years and playing a key part in their rapid rise. She's turned her passion into a job by teaching dance classes at the park district for the past 3 years. Taylor currently studies accounting at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, along with working towards a minor in either finance or IT. Plus she stays busy as an Alpha Chi Omega. Taylor's fave ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip. Animal-wise, the girl loves elephants. Her free time activities include reading, Netflix, and being outside when it's sunny.

Staff Writer

Kaitlyn Winters

I began training as a child at the Dance Connection in downtown Grayslake. I remained competitive with studio dance through high school, along with being on the Grayslake North Dance Team. I did and still continue to take additional classes at Visceral Dance Center in Chicago as well as with the Missouri Contemporary Ballet. Now at the University of Missouri studying health sciences, I plan on going on to get my doctorate of chiropractic. Through this program I have had opportunities to work with many D1 athletes through the rehabilitation science program, including the Mizzou football team. In regards to choreography, I choreographed for the Grayslake Colts JV and Varsity dance teams in 2015, creating a state-winning varsity pom routine. I also have choreographed and performed senior capstone projects for the MU school of journalism, as well as a concept video pitch for the Ocean Spray corporation in 2017. Currently I work at the Body Refinery Gym, where I teach hot yoga and Zumba classes throughout the week as well as work on choreography.

Staff Writer

Mia Stanek

Hi everyone! I am here to answer everyone’s question, who is @8caMia? My name is Mia Stanek and I am from Tinley Park, Illinois. I am currently a sophomore at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I have been on the 8 Count Audio staff for a little under a year. Not to mention I absolutely love it! I have been dancing competitively for close to 17 years at T-N-T Extreme Dance Studio. I have taken classes including tap, lyrical, poms, jazz and hip hop. I attended Tinley Park High School and was on their varsity dance team all four years. My junior and senior year, I was named All-Conference athlete in the SSC Conference. Also my senior year, I was captain of the TPHS dance team (@TPHSDANCE) and lead them all the way to IHSA State in 2016. My favorite memory of being on my high school’s dance team was making history on becoming conference champions and making it to state two years in a row! I can not wait to see what the next dance season holds!