8 Count Audio | Choreography
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New for Summer 2017:

8CA Choreography

The ultimate collaboration between music and dance can be yours.

Whether you’re looking to shake things up at competition or break new ground at homecoming, our choreographers and music editors will collaborate on your next awesome routine. You’ll get the ultimate kind of musicality–built from the ground up, with music and choreo that will look and sound like they’re meant for each other.

Step out of the box with 8CA Choreography!

You’ve heard of what makes 8CA the leader in dance team music. We’re proud to bring that magic to dance team choreography.

Designed by talented artists

 Our choreographers have extensive experience dancing at the highest levels of competitive dance, followed up by years of teaching and coaching dance!

All styles

 Whether it’s for competition or halftime, our choreographers have the skills to create and teach dances in any category. We’ve got pom, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, and kick covered!

Tailored to you

 Every team has a unique skill set, a different performance context, and goals that are all their own. We’ll observe and consult with you and your dancers to make sure every element in your choreography fits your vision.

8CA music!

 Using an 8 Count Audio mix always means amazing musicality. Imagine the creative flow when the 8CA staff puts their music editing and choreo talents together! Try out our choreography and it gets even better–enjoy an 8CA music mix or editing job at 30% off!

Try us out!

Our non-competition rate is perfect for homecoming and halftimes where you might want to explore a different style of dance than what you’re used to.

$100 flat

+ edited/remixed music at $30 flat

Competition Choreography Pricing:

  • Up To 14 Dancers
  • $30per dancer
  • 15-17 dancers
  • $28per dancer
  • 18 or more dancers
  • $27per dancer

Our talented choreographers:

Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Jazz Choreographer


Kaitlyn studied at Dance Connection in Grayslake before leading her prominent high school team while also staying active with her studio's competitive program. She attends the University of Missouri where she studies health sciences and takes classes with the Missouri Contemporary Ballet. She choreographed a state-winning routine in 2015 for the Grayslake Colts and has choreographed several projects for groups on the Mizzou campus.

Pom and Kick Choreographer


Available to choreograph for 3A and 1A teams, Lisa studied dance for 14 years at Judith Svalander School of Ballet including several stage productions and national intensive programs. She danced with her high school team, twice making it to the state floor. She has several years of experience in choreographing youth and high school pom and kick routines.

Ready to bring 8CA choreography and music to your team’s next awesome routine?