8 Count Audio | IDTA music services
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IDTA teams celebrate at their state finals in February, 2017

We’re committed to helping teams competing in IDTA, Illinois’ oldest dance team organization

With category competition and a champions list that goes back generations, we love and respect those dance teams that compete in IDTA!

Check out IDTA’s official music compliance form for the 2017-18 school year…

Here’s our take on it:

Using a single song?

You can use the real version.

Mixing or chaining songs together?

You need to use cover songs bought from a vendor that sells cover songs!

What’s an editor?

This person edits and mixes your songs together…it’s not the vendor who sold you the covers. The editor can be 8 Count Audio, you, your choreographer, or your weird aunt!

8 Count Audio has multiple music solutions that can help teams navigate those IDTA music rules!


Sometimes those cover versions don’t quite sound the way you want. Thankfully, IDTA’s music rules let you mess with, manipulate, remix, and generally upgrade cover songs. That’s because once you buy the license for that cover song from that other vendor, those license terms usually let you chop up and remix! Which means we can usually make those cheesy covers sound a little snazzier. Updated beats, a bassline, and changing up the tempo can bring your mix of cover songs to life!


Why not build your own cover from the ground up? We discovered something interesting a year ago. For the price of a nice lunch, ANYONE’s allowed to buy a license to do record their own cover version of a popular song (as long as the license is available to buy). We’d add quality vocals and create a version of the song from scratch…to your specifications, customized to your choreographic vision. Yup, totally sweet!

Feeling the connection? Find out about our easy process and affordable pricing!