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They’ve got category competition. They’ve put on a state finals / championship competition since at least 1980. Some of Illinois’ best dance teams compete in IDTA in addition to IHSA.

IDTA teams: we’ve got your back.

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Last summer…

8 Count Audio dropped in on some IDTA teams as they geared up for competing in both IHSA and IDTA.

Illini West rocks their studio

Edwardsville rocks their bleachers

Highland turning on a concrete floor

IDTA’s Push The Limit event in Springfield last July gave IDTA teams a chance to work with some nationally-known choreographers

Marquette Dance (in Alton, not the one in Ottawa!) has quite a section of IDTA trophies in the hall that’s also their practice space

Alton’s dance team after an after-school practice last August

Chicago-area teams also do IDTA competitions, like the Hinsdale South Hornet Danceline

Triad borrowing some classy practice space

Belleville East turns the school’s music room into a dance room a few days a week

February 4th had two last-chance competitions to qualify for IDTA state: February 4th at Highland (above) and for northern teams, Hononegah.

Even though their varsity had wrapped up their season, St. Charles North JV danced for a couple weekends in February in IDTA

IDTA’s state competition in Springfield on February 11. Many of these teams also competed at IHSA state a couple weeks earlier