8 Count Audio | Process and pricing
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The workflow.



Tell us about your vision for your routine–song ideas, themes, highlight moments, the overall contours. Every detail helps us design the ideal soundtrack for your dance team. And we’ll tell you about some tools and techniques on our end that can help that vision become a reality.



Jazz or lyrical? We’ll make cuts that keep the song’s integrity intact while giving your choreographer some dynamics to play with, energy levels that look a lot like the plot line of an intriguing narrative.

Pom, kick, hip hop, or anything that needs a mix of songs? We’ll keep your choreo vision in mind as we get the songs up to the right speed. We’ll craft musical transitions that make sense so that your own transitions go smoothly out on the floor. And we’ll give you an abundance of focal points–little sonic tricks and twists that you can hang your choreography on.



With years of experience and getting to know your vision for the routine, we’ll send you a version that’s probably really close to what you want. Tell us where to tweak…whether it’s now or in the middle of the season when reasons for changes often pop up. And if your team’s not quite up to speed…yet…we can speed up the tempo later on.

The toolbox.

Not to get nerdy or anything…but we love working with music, along with all the fun tools and techniques at the 8CA studio!

Here’s where we do the chopping, designing, and general creative work of assembling pieces of sound into a whole.

Ableton Live: great for changing a song’s tempo and adding some creative effects.

ProTools: yup, the industry standard for recording audio and editing it.

Apple Logic: our main tool for putting the pieces together and adding new audio elements to the mix.

Reason: it’s just a different way to work…but the effects are pretty fun!

Some are necessary and functional, and others are just cray…

Some tools are a little ordinary, like hammers and saws. In music production, it’s the compressors and EQs that help sounds come together and sound smooth (instead of just sitting on top of each other). We use effects like reverbs and delay to create space and depth.

We also make use of virtual instruments–pianos, orchestras, drums, for example–that sound super real and can add plenty of emotional class to any style of dance routine. Other virtual instruments are pure EDM tools–synths and drum machines that you hear on hit songs all the time.

Then there are the tools meant to mangle audio into something really creative–things that make remixing and beat-chopping way fun.

For the music tech groupies: we use Waves, Native Instruments, SoundToys, Izotope among others!

Sometimes ya just need the real thing…

Your routine and song might need a little help for the sake of choreography. This might mean breaking out the mic and playing a few acoustic guitar lines and blending it into one spot of your song.

Or if you’re in the Chicago area, we’ve been known to bring our mics out to you to record your team if their voices are part of your routine’s music plan!

We’ve seen a lot of dance routines and worked with tons of teams and coaches.

Put that together with a technical background in creative, polished music production. Experience as a singer-songwriter. Experience in radio programming and on-air hosting. In mobile-DJing. In remix-DJing. In musical composition. Instrumental skills. Even a stint on the church choir added to the knowledge base.

Above all,  just a love of music and dance–all styles–and a never-ending exploration of how they work together.

The pricing.

Part of our mission is to make dance accessible to all, including the music that drives routines. We’re committed to offering affordable services and products to school teams and small dance studios.

Here’s our new pricing structure for Summer 2017! If your invoice is for the 2016-17 school year, you’re still under the former pricing.

  • We don’t charge by the hour…
  • …or by the seconds and 8-counts in your mix
  • A $50 deposit gets you started on the way to a customized competition mix!
  • We’ll send you an invoice once you’ve approved any revisions…
  • …but we’ll support you all season long with free revisions in most cases!
  • Flexible payment options, including installments, POs, and Paypal

  • Halftime/Non-competition 1 Song
  • $10per single song routine
    • keep the crowd focused on YOU, not your edits!
    • simple cuts that shorten songs and keeps halftime moving along
    • we’ll create endings that sound natural, not abrupt!
    • clean up language to meet school standards

  • Halftime/Non-competition Mix
  • $+9per additional song
    • smoothly combine up to 5 songs
    • transitions that let you switch formations on turf
    • perfect for homecoming themes
    • sound effects & beats (if you want them)
    • can’t be used for competition

  • Competition / Starter Pack
  • $129per 3-element mix
    • our basic package of 3 elements
    • an element could be songs, added instruments and beats, effects
    • an element could also be remix and reconstruction work
    • free revisions throughout the season if we’re not adding more elements

  • Competition / Add-ons
  • $+9per each additional element
    • fill-out your routine with more songs
    • or create vivid sections of choreo with effects & editing tricks
    • add a beat, add a bassline
    • each add-on element is only $9…
    • …so full-out, complex mixes often end up under $300!

New…bold…and daring:

  • Custom Cover Song
  • $189(starting at)
  • does your sanctioning body demand you use those pesky cover songs?
  • don’t settle for low-quality cover songs…let’s make one together!
  • great for when the cover song you want isn’t available elsewhere
  • customized sound and section arrangements that work with your choreo
  • includes the license fee for the right to create a cover of that song
  • pending availability of a license for your particular song
Ready to experience what music and dance can really do together?