8 Count Audio | Why She Dances: Olivia from Oswego East
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Why She Dances: Olivia from Oswego East

by Norm Ramil / 8ca.music.person

+ some thoughts shared by Olivia from Oswego East

Crazy. The August dates have hit the double-digits, so I consider it mid-August. As some of you know, I’m summer-obsessed.

8CA’s #HeartsOnOurSleeves mini-campaign is definitely a highlight for me this summer. We got some incredibly honest and thoughtful replies to our question, “Why do you dance?” Olivia (Oswego East) shared her answer and I had to repost it right here.

“I didn’t realize what it meant to me until I started to dance, to really dance, the last year of junior high. When I made the high school dance team, I finally had found a place where I fit. A place among people who made me feel joy.”

“I had a natural talent at school and sports I had done in the past, and perhaps that’s why I am so passionate about dancing. It forces me to put in my all, not only physically, but emotionally. It’s the only place I have ever been able to connect with how I feel.”

Olivia then hit on something that I think is kind of a central idea in our #HeartOnOurSleeves campaign. Sometimes there are straight-up answers. And sometimes, not so much–and that’s perfectly fine. The biggest ideas in our hearts and minds sometimes just don’t lend themselves to being put into words, at least not right now. That’s why music and dance are such amazing ways to make those ideas come across.

I finally had found a place where I fit. A place among people who made me feel joy.

So here’s Olivia’s not-really-an-answer answer:

“When I came across your question [Why do you dance?], I couldn’t explain my answer in a simple way. Perhaps I just don’t have one simple reason why. Perhaps I just have too many reasons. I think it might be because it challenges me, or because it makes me happy, or because it feels like home. I wonder if it’s because of the team spirit, or how it allows me to express my emotions.”

“What do I know for sure then? I know that there is a bond in my soul to dance. It’s something I have never been able to shake. I know that it’s something I was born to do. To honor God and to fully shape who I am. I know without dance, I wouldn’t be myself, and with it, I can be whatever I want.”

Up to sharing your thoughts on why you dance? You know where to find us!